Kill It

That’s what I said to my husband, who created this venue as a gift for me then left it to my care. Kill it at 1,000 posts, I said. I’m now at over 2,300 with over 77,000 hits.

Of course it’s a niche blog. I would never want to have “staff” to take care of it. I mostly write what I want. Of course the NSA, CIA, FBI, HSA know me and even during hurricane Ike and my rants about lack of food, water, electricity during and after the storm didn’t warrant raids. That’s good because my husband was getting water out of the parking garage, another guy was raking out the storm drain and I and his wife were going door-to-door making sure everyone was safe because there was no management or maintenance on site for days.

The blog becomes a problem when I can’t say what I think so have to write about something else or work around it. The dichotomy bothers me. I always try to be true to myself and my readers but must place some conversations in a larger context, hopefully one well thought-out, before putting it before you.

That is why I’m not an award-winning novelist. But as Freud said, there are no mistakes. My first was a now instead of a not. Think about it Herr Sigmund. Cheers from Dee



3 responses to “Kill It

  1. No photo of the post hurricane vortex of doom I helped start? It was sort of like a large swirling toilet bowl except 100s of thousands of gallons of water (if not millions) all swirling into the storm drain I helped unclog.

  2. It was m’dear. You stored those photos somewhere I cannot find, o husband of nearly 12 years (Sunday, we’re 2,000 miles apart) else I would have sent that signature shot. I’ll look again, love, and may find it. Todd was cleaning out the storm drain for that water to stop flooding. Remember, you and the dog slept 12 hours and I was at the windows blogging Ike and every loft but ours was damaged. Someone was looking out for us.

  3. Thanks to the alchemist and register for reading. I would love to read your work. Dee

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