Dogs and Cats

“Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria.” Ghostbusters, Bill Murray

My dogs and cats lived together. My first rescue dog, 1991, joined my cat, a Burmese mix, also a rescue, from 1987. They were never close, just slept in the same position two feet from one another for years.

The second rescue cat crawled into that dog’s bed and stayed for a year. The cats never got along, separate litter boxes and food, but dogs would run away from home to see my younger cat, Mick, Mickey, Mick Dundee. Neighbor dogs would wrestle with him. He eventually went to live with a Corgi who would place Mickey’s head in his mouth. He loved dogs.

Now I walk down the street with the Hipless Wonder Dog Zoe, who will be eleven years old next week and people pick up their purse pets and turn away to keep them away from that “big dog.” Zoe is 35 pounds, an Australian Shepherd mix and if a two year-old child grabbed food from her dish she’d look up at me and ask if she could have some more.

Zoe’s idea of danger is sleeping on her bed with view of bedrooms, kitchen and front door so I can’t leave, even to take out trash or recycling, without her knowledge.

Just so you know the full story, when Zoe was a pup a cat, Meow Meow, used to hang out outside our home. We didn’t feed her for a few months, and found out she hung out at a number of places. We were special. Zoe was young and out walking 8X per day. MM took advantage of that because a certain mockingbird was after her. We were a parade. Me, Zoe, Meow Meow and the mockingbird. Zoe and I were MM’s protection detail, to keep the neighborhood bully from stealing her lunch money.

Zoe loves cats. They can’t run from her or they’re prey. Dashiell was a great cat, a Maine Coon Cat. They’re very dog-like and owner-specific. Luckily he got Lillian to keep him company, see a theme here?

So, I can’t have a cat unless I live in the country and they visit me outside. I have a dog that loves cats and a husband who is allergic to them. I can’t live in the country because my husband does city work. And ’round and ’round it goes. You wonder why I didn’t choose math as a specialty. A+B doesn’t always =C. But you still get… Cheers, from Dee


One response to “Dogs and Cats

  1. Blue-dog was barking at something – prob house-cat Lucius! – after midnight; I hollered for him to simmer down & he did. A cat in the house is a minor irritant to him, but an OUTSIDE cat is prey. Same thing w/Curtis the Pit, while Lucius loves up on him in the house!

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