In hope of driving to see my husband at his new location I called a former neighbor from several years past, as this may be the perfect place to rest for an evening. Unfortunately the organization that accepted dogs in the community courtesy of Poster Dog Zoe will not accept her at their hotel.

Jim and I hope to meet and drive through the desert together after I spend three days driving alone with the dog across the country. But we hope to get a dog-friendly hotel and meet up with old friends, our former neighbors, along the way.

We “held” about five six-unit buildings back in the day, through harsh ski winters. We were always on call for one another in any emergency and that’s a blessing at -6 degrees when I accidentally “fry” the thermostat plate because I’m wearing Crocs inside in a desperately dry environment.

We used to do pot luck suppers a few times a year with the main dish provided by the host, and the location changed every couple of months. We got to keep in touch and started having community events and watching the fireworks outdoors every July 4th.

Today I helped a neighbor who’s never been to visit. He was invited for my Around The World Christmas Dinner but never came. He’s ill and needed a few things from the store. I did what any good neighbor would do and offered to take care of his dog and bring him a few things. I added soup and a few Tazo tea bags for good measure.

Neighbors are to cherish because they help make a house a home. Plus, I really miss those neighbors who worked for SmartWool and ProBar because I got treats every time I walked their puppy. Ah, to have free SmartWool socks. Another neighbor was a pastry chef and was always a warm and generous host. Another was a darned good cook who always pushed the flavor envelope for our dinners and made us feel like we had always been part of the family. How I miss these folks and environment and wish we could go there again.

That’s what neighbors mean to me. We plan to get together next month, to “chew the fat” and get kept up to speed on goings-on. I will be driving cross-country with the dog so need to find a pet-friendly place to stay. Wish us luck. Dee

ps The lodging I stayed in for three years will not accept my dog. The nearest hotel is costing $200 per night. $20 of that is dog rent.



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