I Know

when looking at a restaurant menu, what my husband will order. I’ve known all my life what my brother will order, and he’s difficult because if anyone orders the same thing he’ll choose something else on the menu.

I look for my favorite thing, then my second, and I let them have the first choice. With my brother it’s usually lamb, husband, beef. Yes, I’ve graduated college and culinary school but most of my social life is intuition and reading people. I can’t tell you how I do it but aside from learning which fork to use and walking with a dictionary on my head I don’t know, except the fancy manners stuff all came from my mother.

My husband is a physicist, now a software consultant. He wrote software for stock and oil/gas trading systems so comes from a technical bent. I am soc/psych. He knows things I’ll never comprehend and just know enough acronyms to read/revise his resume. He’ll never know what I know because I don’t know how I know it. It’s ingrained.

Between us it makes quite a pair. Husband and wife, brother and sister. We each operate from different sides of the brain and it makes us stronger when we work together. Right now I took on a CEO and won. My brother will be doing so as well, not to compete with me but to make a point, as I did.

Is it difficult to give up my lamb or beef dish at a restaurant to keep my husband or brother happy? No. There’s always fish, which I love. Cheers! Dee


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