The Christmas That Will Be

UPS has remedied its errors and will pay to re-ship the holiday package we sent to my husband’s family on December 15 that was returned to sender (me) yesterday.

Thanks to Jessica P from UPS, and to Nina, the shipper from our storage facility, for making this possible. Cheers and a Happy New Year to all y’all! Dee


One response to “The Christmas That Will Be

  1. Mama got her socks. Pa got his book, niece got a tin whistle and tune book for fun, and nephew a chance to cook something we messed up the ingredients for over Thanksgiving. UPS came through. Thank you. Now the US Postal Service (service is a misnomer) has been sitting on a package since December 23, their tracking site is down and they won’t help anyone with an Apple computer. How long has Apple been around? Well, in another 20 years or so, USPS, still being funded by taxpayers even though it considers itself a .com, will still be thinking about Apple and whether it should bite the bullet and allow people who paid to send a package to track said package.

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