Three Dog Night

I could use two more. My husband left yesterday for a gig and we’ve only one dog. This morning it was -6 degrees, with wind chill -25.

Now it’s one degree Farenheit. Zoe doesn’t want to go out because with the cold, snow and salt her paws freeze and she limps around, even after three minutes.

Three Dog Night was the first album I ever bought. I loved their music and a year later I organized a fund-raiser for a local charity and someone stole my album. As a kid, I never knew what a three dog night was. I do now.

Luckily we have heat and I’m keeping the shades drawn to keep in warmth. I’ve spent many years in cold climates and have the gear to stay in or go out with Zoe. She has a coat and boots. I can get the coat on her but never the boots so we have to time our outings perfectly as it takes me ten minutes to don my gear.

Today I’ve a down comforter, heat and one dog and we’ll just have to make do. Dee


One response to “Three Dog Night

  1. Well I can certainly ship ya a couple ;-) !!!
    Too damn cold for ME that’s for sure – I’m getting increasingly cold-intolerant as I get older… Thank goodness for my lil’ bed-warmers! (only have 2 but that is plenty – Bud on R hip, Clarice on L)

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