is the loneliest number….. yes, a sequel to Three Dog Night.

I got married post-40 and missed a lot on the way. People always did dinner parties by couple and I would mess up the numbers.

In my home, always and forever since I had my own home singles were always invited, encouraged. At first in my early 20’s I was uncertain of my ability to cook and entertain, but I did organize parties and dinners for staff et al.

Thanksgiving is a major event for many people in Texas with my husband’s family. Christmas is when we bring people we know, because we’re from neighborhoods far away, who are newly single or have family overseas or have no family, or are new to our environs. We’ve had some lovely dinners, food of course, but company greater.

I’ve always been a “one” and was discounted for 20 years because I upset someone’s table arrangement. That has never happened and will never happen in our home. There were couples and families who took me along as a third or fifth wheel but they were few and far between.

I believe that to invite one is to invite a friend for stimulating conversation. There is no need to invite a potential “match” for that person. If you’re happy with your husband and kids, there’s no need to help your friend get hitched.

Know that every time friends have a dinner party without single people who belong and are left out because it’s an odd number at the table, there are hurt feelings for those singles who are left out. Table for one? Dee


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