Dee Can Stay

Olden days: It’s 9:00 at night and we’ve all been in since dawn. It’s time to let some team members leave and get some sleep because this Session is going on until dawn.

So what do we do? All go home. Dee will stay. She’s single. She lives two blocks away and can make it home on her own if they quit for the night. She’ll call us if one of our bills are slated to come up on the floor tonight.

It doesn’t matter that she’s done this for us for two weeks, worked 20 hours at a time and only had time to shower and change. She’ll cover for us while we sleep at home. She doesn’t have a spouse or family so it doesn’t matter.

Come time to reassess and give raises, all the “family men” got big raises. I was told it was because they had a wife and/or kids and I was alone so I got the minimum amount. Because they could always count on Dee. I left for twice the pay and my own office. More stories…. in this new year. Cheers, Dee


2 responses to “Dee Can Stay

  1. You don’t need ME to remind you of that old Ann Landers quote: “No one can take advantage of you w/out your consent”…
    I’m glad you moved on to greener pastures!

  2. I did move on and finally met your cousin, my dear husband of twelve years this month. Talk about luck, I have it. Best to all y’all. D

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