Before Christmas I found this fig jam and had a thought. I bought puff pastry (no, I have not made it since cooking school because when I even look at butter, it melts).

I paired it with Manouri cheese and made little circles, added the jam and cheese, folded over using an egg wash for “glue.” Then I used a fork to seal, brushed them with a milk and egg yolk wash I had on hand for something else, and baked.

They were gorgeous and tasted great. I was advised by the cheesemeister to use Manouri. Manouri is to Feta what Ricotta is to Mozzarella. A pale but useful cousin. With the sweetness of the fig I’d rather a saltier cheese like Feta.

It was just a brain thing I did to try and everyone liked them. I’d just rather do them better. Always trying to do something better. My sources of inspiration have been hard to come by. It should be that way.  Dee



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