Shock to the System

The cold has finally kicked in. With wind chill it was -3 degrees this morning when I took the dog out. She went naked. I went with two coats, polartec headband and knitted Pippi hat, gloves I found in an old box and ski pants. All was well except for my neck, which could have used a scarf.

Zoe was fine but wanted to get home asap. The weather has been so strange that it’s 50 degrees one day and 8 the next. She’s been blowing her coat for months and I just gently combed a lot of it out of her before I bathed her yesterday. Today, after 24 hours, is the comb-out.

I hope the snap in the really cold weather will allow her body to grow a new, warm undercoat for the season. It would also be helpful if I didn’t have to vacuum up her fur every day. Perhaps every other day would be a compromise.

There is lake movement, steam coming up from below and ice forming on the surface. In normal years I believe the ice may have already formed perhaps near enough for the ice fishers to be on it. Not this year. Witness Zoe’s coat.

Every year I bring scones or some treat, along with a six-pack of beer to a group of  ice anglers I see first. Perhaps it’s the only way I’ll walk on water. Last year they landed a big fish moments after I gave them their other catch, and they tried to make me stay as a good luck charm but I demurred.

Happy New Year! We don’t celebrate it or even stay awake for it but are together and that’s celebration enough. Cheers, Dee


2 responses to “Shock to the System

  1. Yay, Pippi! And happy new year to you and yours.

  2. Yay, Pippi and Happy New Year to you! Even on these chilly days it works great with a navy polartec headband underneath to block the wind. Love that hat and I always get comments on it. Keep up the knitting, blogging and music!

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