Christmas eve and my new desk is still messing with me. The keyboard slides around on the glass despite measures to keep it still.

The weather is warm for this time of year but it may snow today. I must drive a long distance to pick up my husband at the airport and he wants me to take along the dog as she loves traveling. Yesterday was his birthday. Tomorrow we’ve dinner for guests and I’ve much to do before leaving for the airport.

Shopping for last-minute items like cream, but also I ran out of gallon zip-top bags. Also prepping anything I can so tomorrow is easier.

Today I found and re-ironed an ancient handmade family tablecloth with lots of linen and lace. It’s on our glass table right now and looks like I’m a great aunt. I love it and have used it before in a different space but I prefer the lean lines and meld of older and contemporary that we have here.

I believe I’ll serve Christmas dinner on a bare glass table with my mother’s china and serviettes from my mother-in-law hand-embroidered with drawings and names of herbs, all expertly ironed. Hors d’oeuvres will be my marinated Kalamata olives, toasted and spiced Marcona almonds and a French and Italian cheese plate. On hand are my mother’s “nut bowl” which I’ll use for crackers, and two Greek olive wood planks from whence they were purchased, for the cheese. Olives and almonds will find another venue, bowls from somewhere.

Dessert will be a trifle with lemon curd and berries, set off by pannettone. I cannot make it until today as I need to place beverages and trifle on the balcony to refrigerate. The capon has been in the refrigerator over 12 hours and is still completely frozen. Mon Dieu!

Must take the dog out now. Duties. I’m glad we’ll get another two minutes of sunshine a day because I really don’t like having to use a flashlight to pick up after her in the dark. Yes, we do the doody thing, because it’s right. That’s another story. Happy Christmas Eve for those of you who celebrate it. Dee


2 responses to “Update

  1. Merry Christmas, Dee! Glad you and your dear husband will be together for the holiday.

    Frozen birds always take longer to thaw than I think they will.

    My mom brought over the standing rib roast for tomorrow (I’m hosting). It’s longer than any pan I own, so I had to buy a foil pan that will sit on a cookie sheet. Just part of the holidaze!

  2. You’re not cutting the roast apart, are you? I’ve never made one but my mother always did. It may serve you well as some want more well done than others. How many are you hosting? We have six, I’ve service for 18 and a table for four so we’ll be fine with extra chairs. Oh, capon is in the sink in water so I can’t make my cheddar biscuits ’til morn. I can’t afford to wait for it to thaw in the frig. Hubby’s arrival is my timer to put it back in the bowl in the frig! Merry Christmas to you and yours. Let’s send a special thanks to WP for getting us together all those years ago. D

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