Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Our Zoe is in many REM sleeps, chasing squirrels or whatever is on her mind. She doesn’t know that my husband is coming home tonight because I’ve not told her but she knows, regardless of any verbal cue.

Scientists who say dogs don’t dream and cannot remember anything that happened over 45 minutes ago need to check their subjects. Granted, I’ve had some strange ones.

Dogs who love cats, cats who love dogs and dogs that run away from home to sit outside our windows to visit my cat. Yes, phone calls. Is he there? Let me check. Yep, he’s here. I’ll be there in five minutes.

She’s running, and her eyes are either vacant or opening and closing. I can almost see the squirrel she’ll never catch. The ability to watch a sleeping dog lie and dream is something which  every dog owner should have a chance to see.

It puts things in perspective. Here we have to walk and pick up after this creature and it actually has a life, separate from us. I find that interesting.

Our guests at dinner are all dog owners, by chance if not by fate. Owner of a Retriever I cared for who died a few months ago; owner of a pit mix; owner of the largest Akita I’ve ever seen; and us, owners and caretakers of Zoe the Aussie mix. I hope the dogs will not be here, at least until after the bird is carved.

Zoe’s up now. She’s a herder so it only takes three minutes to awaken and find me and go back to sleep three feet away, while looking at the door for our significant other.

Tomorrow I’ll take her out early and let him sleep ’til noon. I’ll cook and go through my lists and find out which dish goes where. It’ll be a fun day. Cheers, Dee


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