This was in the header for a NYTimes article about North Korea. When I was a kid, grade school, I read that the Grey Lady wrote at a sixth-grade level.

Recalcitrant should have been in our spelling bee before that age. It is, however, appropriate now.  Stubbornly refusing to obey rules or orders, says Merriam-Webster’s dictionary.

Look the word up in another dictionary and it would have both my and my husband’s name on the definition. It’s been tough being away from each other for months. We lose the connection when he walks in the door, sees the dog’s tail wagging, hugs and kisses me and gets changed to eat his favorite meal, spaghetti and my homemade meatballs. A genius who wants simple food from a great cook.

Now I and Zoe are leaving without a place to go as his client is asking he travel halfway around the globe next month, the entire month. That leaves me to pack, move, drive alone across the country with the dog and have no-where to live because he hasn’t done it and I’ve never had boots on the ground to do what I do best. I’ve moved all my life. Now I need notebooks. I call them Outgoing and Incoming. Years ago someone added a box called Too Hard, I like that.

I’m doing my best to plan, box, and also make Christmas dinner for guests so am kind of busy. If he goes away for a month for work, I need more time at home with a roof over Zoe’s and my head before the long trip to wherever.

At the destination, living in my car is not an option (I recently drove his car to him for 2,000 miles), simply because the dog has a 4″ orthopedic bed in back and she’d have better digs than me and I’d have my head on the passenger seat because the back seat would be packed to the limit.

Recalcitrant. Look me up. I’m much nicer to my friends around the world than is North Korea’s head, and he is described as recalcitrant, word of the day. Cheers, Dee


One response to “Recalcitrant

  1. Yesterday’s word was euphemism, when I bought a box of staples labeled “paper enforcers.” Excuse me sir, while I walk over here. You might think about enforcing my paper while I’m away. What are they thinking?

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