I’ve two fancy notebooks now, one for Outgoing as in leaving, and one for Incoming as in going wherever else we’re going. Each will have sections and dividers and even spaces for keys. All I have to do is check off each item, master list and sub.

I outlined Outgoing today, Incoming with no destination tomorrow, but first on the list is dog food. We’re going to the only store that carries her food, will load her up with frozen raw food to up her points and get a free one, and same dry raw food for the road. Also, some treats for the other dogs here.

That’s all part of organization. Minimize, organize, pack and ship. I’m working on the first two and have a short time frame in which to do so.

Once the lists are done we’ll know where to change address or cut utility, hire  a mover, pay at the other end. And make sure the dog gets her shots.

Several things are in progress, like the dog’s vet appointment, also I got my main car checked out, drove our other car which was also safety checked before taking it most of the way across the country and have updated that registration. That and five hours on the phone trying to renew AAA. It’s supposed to be a national organization but each of its member states fight for the money so with moving, I was switched from state to state and finally said I’d be a member here and a member there next year and placed my phone back on the charger.

Moving is exhausting and I’ve only processed about too many stuff-purging boxes for me so far and need to find the best box store in town to pack the rest. Most of the time has been organizing things and a vast amount of time on the phone with idiots trying to get things moved or in position or in transition or cancelled.

Yes, I’m the advance man. I’ll be prepared with everything in order. Except electronics. It’s called division of labor. My husband does electronics and deals with movers. He’s 6’4″ and won’t take any guff. I won’t, either, but they take him seriously especially when the leashed dog I’m holding is licking the mover’s leg.

Lists, boxes, organization, I’ll have it in place when he gets here if the snow doesn’t stop planes from coming in. If we’re not snowed in, Santa arrives here in time for Christmas. Cheers! Dee



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