Christmas Dinner

It’s almost here and I’ve so much to do. My husband finally snagged a flight that gets in Christmas Eve. The airport is two hours away but he got a good deal.

We’re having a few folks over for dinner. After years of looking I finally found a capon at and ordered it yesterday before I lost out. This is not a monetized site, dear readers. I just loved capon for special occasions when I was a little girl.

So far, the menu is:

Christmas Dinner 2014


Toasts with Capon Liver/Apple/Walnut Pate, Flambeed with Cognac

Shiltz/Wapsie Roasted Capon, with Herbs and Butter

Mom’s Stuffing

Dee’s Pork Sausage & Apple Dressing (one guest does not eat pork)

Cauliflower, Brussels Sprout and Carrot Gratin with Parmigiano Reggiano and Toasted Pine Nuts

Spinachi aglio e olio (garlic and olive oil) or Green Beans with Indonesian Soy Sauce and Sesame Seeds

Mashed Potatoes with Pan Gravy

English Trifle with Lemon Cream and Berries Galore and Pomegranate Seeds

Mincemeat Tarts


I drew from experience and lack thereof. I was looking for a play of tastes, textures and color on the plate. Because I’ve lovely hand-made Italian serving dishes and Lenox china to pack right after Christmas I think we’ll serve family-style.

There are no recipes nor have I ever cooked a capon. I trust I can do the menu. It’s a matter of what I can do ahead, what is available to me (no lemon curd, no mincemeat). And getting back here near midnight Christmas Eve from the airport with everything in flux, makes me more flustered because I’m supposed to be in moving, not cooking mode.

It is important to have guests for Christmas because we’ve no family here, I cook and we like interesting conversation. It is essential to bring evidence of our lives into my cooking, as a requested item in TX is my gratin, three years running. Cheers and happy holidays, Dee


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  1. Awesome post! I totally enjoy reading your blog, keep it up! Check me out if you have time! :)

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