Firebird/Christmas Roses

I created an event in 1994. One night, 3:00 in the morning I awakened and wrote down ideas. Revolutionary ideas that were fought against tooth and nail by the powers that be.

It worked. Yesterday I put up a small tabletop tree with white lights and favorite ornaments. Three were tag board from my Kids for Kids event. Two from children and one that simply says “Friend” from a friend who donated to and helped with the event.

The children’s school at a local theater was lacking students. My plan was to buy out the theater at full price, have the local press print FREE tickets with gift of food or clothing for a local orphanage. The kids did a performance of The Firebird and the Christmas Roses that brought tears to my eyes. The house was packed and the school got new students.

The box office manager had a friend draw a gorgeous Firebird and he designed the Playbook. We had a tree donated and the orphans drew ornaments. Two wonderful ladies sewed gingerbread person ornaments that we cut out of used grocery bags and filled with cotton batting to be decorated by more kids. Phew!

We had a tree, menorah (electric, as you don’t want someone yelling FIRE in a crowded theater) and everything by and for kids. It took a lot of time and effort.

Today, I’ve three ornaments from these kids who are now living life, on my little tree. I also have a framed Playbill with the donors (memorials to some), and my name is on it but more importantly, the Director and Cast all signed it for me and it’s my Christmas centerpiece. We’re having “orphans” again this year from nearby, as I love to do. I’ve a menu to share next time. Cheers, I’ve got to wrangle a printer! From Jessica, age 10 who drew a cat for me. She must be 30 now, oh my, Dee



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