New Office

I moved everything over, the toughest was the 24″ monitor. I lemon-oiled my 100 year old desk/English oak gateleg table and now it hosts a 3′ holiday tree for my husband that includes ornaments that celebrate our 13 years together.

The monitor was heavy. Nothing like the printer. I had to ask for help with that as I could not lift it out of the box. I opened the box and got the packaging to one-minute place on new desk status.

The printer is so big it makes my monitor, laptop and cordless keyboard look like children’s toys. It’s my husband’s dream low cost printer that will do ledger paper et al. So far I’ve found five slots for paper and a space for scanning.

If I was OK with having the power cord across my lap and power right next to me, I could have been fine. But the extension cord has to go at the bottom of the power strip and it’s dark in here and by pulling out everything to reset it will be black in here and I can’t do that.

After I configure the gargantuan printer (I’ve found five paper slots but not where printer cartridges go to test it – and from which drawer?). It’s supposed to have instructions and a video. There are none. So far. Who knows how many more slots it has?

It takes over not only my new desk, but the entire room. After it is set up and operational it will move to the floor. The very nice guy who lifted it out of the box said it was the biggest home printer he’d ever seen.

Again, it’s dark in here and while I found paper tray spaces and the way to plug in the power cord I’ve no way or reason to network or fax (we have no land line) and in the dark I’ve no way of even finding the way to place the ink.

Printer. Paper. Ink. It was easy on the old broken one. Please don’t tell my dear husband that the stapler has been broken for a year. I’d hate to see him get a bigger printer with a built-in stapler, Dee


One response to “New Office

  1. I went around back and there was tape keeping me from accessing the ink well. Lost a lamp to the printer’s umbilical cord, a grounded extension cord that needs two slots on the power bar. Still not up and running. Must go on the floor, it’s huge, way too big and powerful for my little setup here.

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