Pick of the Litter

She was, and is, for us. A damaged dog from genetics, we got her at six weeks and already spayed. Too early for me, I’m OK with 8 weeks spay with a really good vet.

I can’t tell you happy she is and how sad I’ll feel when she has to leave us. She misses her Dad, her human one, who we’ll finally join next month. He’s the fun guy. I’m the food wench and disciplinarian. She does love me as well, just not so much as the Fun Guy.

I have supported no-kill shelters before they existed and thank shelters and Maddie’s fund, made up of most of the people I interviewed early on from San Francisco SPCA, for what they’ve done over the years.

Over 2,000 cats would not have been spayed/neutered without volunteers. Maddie’s Fund started funding vets but not their assistants or even providing water for volunteers. For me that was the beginning of the end.  You didn’t see fights between vets and assistants. Unfortunate for the cats who kept proliferating but the FCC did well.

I moved cities and no longer had a cat. He was in love with a neighbor’s Corgi so he went with them when they moved. Shortly thereafter we married and in another year we adopted Zoe. I have to bathe her every two weeks so husband is not allergic/offended to dander.

After over 20 years working with animals I can say our Zoe is the happiest critter I’ve ever met. She doesn’t mind that she has no hips and had to grow her own as a pup from cartilage. She says hello to everyone and even does tricks. Turn around, high five, roll over. Walkers don’t know my name but always know hers.

In the end we decided to adopt a dog who will be eleven years old next month as we celebrate our 12th wedding anniversary. The anniversary may go with no fanfare but Zoe will always have a good dinner and walk.

No, she was the runt of the litter but we fell in love with her and took her home, forever. Now when I think of our lives together I only wish that in the end she goes with no pain or suffering. She is not a pet, she is a family member. To canines and felines everywhere, I bid you a good day, Dee


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