Moon, Clouds and Shimmering Lake

Yes, I feel the tug between familiar and unfamiliar, new. For the past ten years I’ve had fantastic views. Now I will look at nothing. Perhaps a parking lot or strip mall. I don’t know, I’ve never been where I’ve been designated to live except to change planes. Now we’ll spend twice as much to see nothing.

Tonight this beats the air show any day. It was just so quiet and beautiful. I will miss selecting a random ice fisher for coffee, pastries and beer one cold winter morning. One or two may miss the random me, as well. My husband looked on the first year then sent the dog over. He thought I was nuts giving food to these fishermen, then he hadn’t yet walked on water. Ice, yes, but he hadn’t taken a photo of his boots.

The next year he didn’t come with me, neither did the dog, and the guys had a hut and fire and everything and asked me to stay because I was good luck – they caught a big fish the moment I arrived!

It was a ride we made the most of. Yesterday I got to see a few friends as I unpack old stuff, plan to pack the pick of the litter (yes, you Zoe) and find a place to live. My husband will be in over the holidays so we’ll get a lot done during that time.

I do hope that you’re cooking, as I made spanakopita today and shared it. There’s a big pantry to pare down and yet all I want to do is get 10# of OO flour from the local Italian grocery to take along.

One car, one dog who takes 1/3 of it. Over 2,500 miles. Knives, dog food, guitar, luggage. Two gallons water for desert. We’ll work it out. Cold beverages and sandwiches on ice packs. I can do it. Cheers, Dee


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