We’re moving on. The cold winters I grew up with will again become a thing of the past. While we do not have a place to live I’ve parameters.

Good grocery store, parks, places to walk and clean up after the dog. A place to buy Zoe’s frozen raw food. Of course a two-car garage and guest room for parents, siblings and guests.

Now I get particular as I leave cold for warmth and sun. Washer/dryer in unit, heat and A/C, gas stove, kitchen storage, parking for two cars. Also my favorite restaurant within walking distance, a drycleaner nearby and a framing store.

This morning I met a grade school art teacher and told her of the height of my artist career, age five, crayon of The Wizard of Oz. She gets the kids before they start editing themselves. What a wonderful job! My dear aunt who was gifted this piece many years ago, gave it back and asked me to frame it. That I did. Of all the pictures hanging on our walls this is my husband’s favorite.

I would like a home, dear husband, not a bachelor pad where we put all our things in storage for another three years, we’re joining you in sunshine and even with my new major domo  gal helping me deal with Boxlandia, you are #1 in our book. D and Z


One response to “Sunshine

  1. Silk long johns, ski pants, shirt, sweater, 800 fill Marmot ski jacket, vest, bunny hat, gloves, scarf et al and Zoe still wouldn’t go. I have to don it all again. Sunshine is around the corner.

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