Some Weekends

we get to spend with family, cooking and reminiscing and hanging out. We do what families do, whether rain or shine, or airport delays.

I just got off the phone with my m-i-l and am thankful to have her in my life. We cooked up a storm this past week. There are weekends, weeks, days, hours for which we are, and should be, thankful.

On a flight today I met Joanna. She and her family met via Facebook. She flew in to see them after 30 years. Significant family. She sent along and made Philly food; they had a Mexican feast on Wednesday then traditional “American” Thanksgiving.

Three family members are pilots. Joanna, send some photos! They took hot air balloons over the mountains around Albuquerque. Joanna will spend next Sunday hosting her other Thanksgiving with her loving husband, kids and six grandchildren. She has a wonderful spirit and personality and I wish her well.

My family used to sit at a dining table with a tasty Thanksgiving meal. Some thought of it as being together. I thought of it as a formal meal eaten alone.

Over the years I’ve had holidays crafted together to benefit those with no family or overseas or just alone. I’ve been alone before and it ain’t fun. The more, the merrier.

Holidays are only a small part of the memories I cherish. Joanna was one plane ride in the sky. Yes, over the day’s travel travails, this I’ll keep.

Best wishes, Dee


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