Corporate Care

I awaken at or about 3:00 in the morning. It used to be the time I wrote my best ideas, left them on a pad on my nightstand, and went back to sleep with my cats at my feet.

Oh, those warm fuzzies. Now it’s more nightmare time. Our hipless wonder dog jumps off the bed as soon as she sees sunlight or I turn on the television. She burrows underneath the bed, beneath my pillow, so I cannot go anywhere without her knowledge and approval. TV on, I only see ads to send one’s elderly parents to “caring” facilities that may or may not accept Medicare.

Today I’ve a private pet-sitter who will take good care of our dog. I also have a vet and other contacts for emergency information and care. Then I went to a corporate pet day care and overnight operation. Their questions are intrusive. They require a trainer-conducted supervisory visit then say anything that happens is my and my dog’s fault.

What ever happened to customer service? I lease an expensive apartment and they tell me what to do. I have a maid and she tells me what she’ll do and how she needs to be paid. I’ve a vet assistant who tells me to follow my dog around with a ladle, catch her pee and refrigerate it then take it in within 24 hours to be scanned, and don’t worry, I don’t have to bother the vet. Bother my vet? Please.

I’m hiring you. I tell you what I want and pay you for it. If I want the walls green, please don’t paint them blue then tell me to get out of the house for 12 hours and pay you cash for what you did wrong.

People around here like us and our old dog. We don’t ask much of anyone, although I would love to go back to the days when we never locked the house or cars, and dogs could run after a ball or stick without a $290 ticket.

Forgive me if I’d rather deal with individuals than corporations. Yes, I may be hurt from time to time but tend to be a good judge of character. When I hire someone, individual or corporation, I set the rules. Dee


One response to “Corporate Care

  1. This read a bit harsh. Dealing with individuals in any situation is far better than corporations with hit two for Spanish and listen to Muzak for 25 minutes to get an insurance something-or-other. I try to treat everyone I meet with respect. Who would I be without my butcher or produce folks at the grocery? I learn so much from everyone, including dog walkers or neighbors, every day, and try to answer food and other questions as well. Thanks for listening.

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