There are good and bad things in going retro. Good is a 1957 Necchi Italian sewing machine for my mother-in-law. I plan to drive it to Texas in a few weeks. Italian lines, all metal, bells and whistles no one else had back in the day as in the first zig zag stitch ever.

My husband’s family provides an additional grounding that adds to my upbringing. My father was a “hobby farmer” without hobby livestock. My in-laws bring in dairy and cattle and a place in which I love to cook for days on end with Jim’s mom.

My husband and I have been separated because of work for three months. He’s going back to his bachelor tendencies and I’m becoming more insular and even forgetting what it is like to be married and have conversations and live together.

How was your day, dear? Now he calls me from the car. 20 minutes per day. All I can say is that this is not what I signed up for nearly 12 years ago. The dog provides me routine, two meals, four walks per day and monkey ball every once in a while.

Thanksgiving, we’ll meet again at the annual family gathering. I can’t wait. It’ll take a lot of planning but I think we’re up to it.

Neighbors check in every once in a while. Jim’s family calls. It’s not the same as having my husband at home with us, playing games, watching movies, walking the dog or going out to lunch. I miss him. So I plan to get him his car to take care of the rental expense. I’m having it taken care of now so it’s good for a long time. So are we, we just miss each other. Dee


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