are things we give to people we love, and Thanksgiving is the best time as that’s when Nanny has her family fest for 60 folks. A couple of years ago we got the kids an outdoor game I don’t know how to play – I was just a cheerleader, for both sides, of course.

We don’t usually do holiday gifts. A few years ago we got our nieces and nephew three old-school games: Tinker Toys; Jenga; and Scrabble. We always liked encouraging them to think.

Jim’s MIA this year working in the land of fruits and nuts so I’m doing my own thing. Right now I’m focusing on the three kids and Grandma M. No, I can’t tell you or they’ll know! Tell you later once I figure out if something will fit in my car. Cheers, Dee


2 responses to “Gifts

  1. I got their grandpa, J a gift, too.

  2. OK, she knows already. The quilt maker, my dear husband’s mother, is getting a 1956 Necchi Supernova, an Italian sewing machine that is all metal, sleek and with all the bells and whistles. Yes, she has two already but anyone who drives through the midwest and eastern seaboard to get six cast iron farm sinks needs another. Plus, I don’t ever know what to get her. She doesn’t let me do anything there but cook with her which is always a pleasure. A treat. Dee

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