Jeff Bonforte Yahoo

You’re in charge of my service that has been interrupted for weeks. I’ve now spent 38 hours trying to get it restored.

I’ve free Yahoo plus paid pop.mail service. Please help me. You only have one phone number and hang up before I can be connected. There is something in the world called customer service. I would recommend you look it up. Perhaps an online dictionary.

With hope you’ll receive this request as you won’t answer the phone and I’ve had to log on to another service to email you. No response for days, of course. Dee

ps I’ve 72,000 readers and will keep this up.


3 responses to “Jeff Bonforte Yahoo

  1. I’m now on hold with AT&T/Yahoo. What an unholy alliance this is. At least sometimes AT&T answers the phone, then they send me back to Yahoo. I can’t get on Facebook or LinkedIn because my Yahoo password on file does not work and they don’t have confirmation data available either. What if someone wants to change their email name or provider? One is shut off forever from any contact with the outside world.

  2. I actually got a human and she said she’d transfer me to someone. Five minutes later the muzak hung up. Then I got the billing center and they hung up on muzak before anyone answered. “Your call is important to us. Please hold on.”

    I’d take these folks out behind the woodshed if I knew how to use a gun. They made me learn in 8th grade but the only way I got through was because I was on the track and gymnastics teams and a good sport. I got to stick an earring through the paper (not the target area) so I got a D in riflery and not an F.

    On hold another hour. Customer service. I can come there and help change the system. That’s what I do.

  3. Mr. Bonforte without an email address or phone number, please take some time out of your busy schedule to congratulate Chris, a member of your team who actually answers the phone and provides solutions. Forty hours, he’s going to raise that number up the flag pole and I hope you listen to him. If you can’t use him I will, right next door. I beat Yahoo. Who’s next with the Silicon Valley titans? I’ve a bit of time, give me meat, readers.

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