Hello Jeff Bonforte

I’ve been on hold another hour, that makes 39. I’ve noticed that right before you cut off the phone and muzak you play Wylie Gustafson’s yahoooooooooooo yodel. I know Wylie and have asked him to sue you again for using his yodel right before you piss off a customer and cut off the call before ever accessing a human being. Hopefully he’ll have more success than I have had so far.

As for customer service, you say at the outset that I may be cut off and no-one may ever answer. I’ve my old iPhone hooked up to power and have the volume up so I’m awaiting the yahoooooooooooooo and hang up. Going on 40 hours now. Time to get a lawyer and sue your a**es. Dee

ps you can use the same prefix but I’m at gmail right now and prefer my paid yahoo pop.mail account I pay for.


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