Chris @

Forty hours in, I was finally allowed access to the free email account. Now my husband can help me get back into pop.mail. 953 emails missed over this saga.

Chris helped me after another hour on hold. He was fantastic and grew up in my neighborhood. Well after me, I’m sure, and I only went to my junior and senior year of high school there. He lives near the college where my father worked back in the day. By the zoo where we made Dad take us on Fathers’ Day. We missed him so much at work that we made him work that day, being our Dad. Of course he got a tie or cufflinks for it, plus a day with his girls.

THANK YOU, CHRIS!!!!! He is also moving up the food chain customer concerns about one phone number and 40 hours of wait time, yea! It’s going to be a good day. The winds are coming from the east and Mary Poppins is here. Now, she’s me and I’ll always save Mr. Banks, both in my father and husband. Let’s go fly a kite and send it soaring…….Cheers! Dee


2 responses to “Chris @

  1. And I’ve 2,301 posts to date. Give me an umbrella and a carpetbag…..

  2. If I can take on Yahoo, where does the game go from here?

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