Yes, you know the Yahoo-oo-oo yodel so famous for Yahoo. Well they tried not to pay dear Wylie Gustafson for that yodel and he sued them and got $1 million.

They’ve locked me out of my free and paid accounts. I’ve spent over 30 hours getting them to talk to me and before someone answers the phone they play Wylie’s “Yahoo” then cut off the phone.

I think he should sue them for using his voice because they use it right before they cut off a customer after 1 hour on hold on the phone. They have one phone number. None of the execs have phone numbers and I’ve been cut off from my yahoo mail and pop.mail for weeks.

I had to create a new account with another service just to email them, but they never answer. How can one call this customer service? What’s interesting is that my husband is on yahoo with a different email address but the same pop.mail paid account and he’s just fine.

Yahoo, Ms. President, please listen to your customers and provide customer service. No-one should have to spend 36 hours online and on the phone to get access to an account. That’s fraud, pure and simple and unless you fix this I’ll report you to the feds. We pay for pop.mail and deserve to receive it. Cheers, Dee


2 responses to “Wylie

  1. I’ve started a campaign on the national, state and local level to make Yahoo available to its paying customers and free ones as well. D

  2. And they will be required, as is everyone else, to provide phone numbers, hear that Amazon?

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