In the first 500 photos my brother sent me tonight there are a few I want to print and frame.

What bothers me is that I do not recognize my mother for at least two decades, and that may be due to being away at college and work or remembering her as a child. She always looked sad in the photos.

These photos show that she may have loved me for a short time, I’m the eldest. Her older sister used love to rein in her kids just a bit. It worked, very well, and our method did not. Aunt J loved her kids, all of us and her grandkids.

A year before my mother died of cancer, as did her older sister, she told me she hated me. She was taking the disease out on me, which should be OK, but she said I never should have been born, and that still hurts.

My husband and I spent a week at hospice with her and I even got her last rites, that’s another story. For now it’s good that in her first photo album online there are a few photos of me that were included, Thanks from your first born, Dad, Dee


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