A Song

It’s tough to be away from each other for months. We get five minutes on the phone in the morning and ten in the evening simply because the hours are so different. My email is down so we had to get another service to get the first one to figure out the problem and it’s taken 12 hours on the phone. No results.

I had to join Gmail to get Yahoo to talk to me about the problem. Yahoo has a robot answer the phone and say there is a high call volume and if you’re disconnected call back. Five minutes of canned music and they disconnect. So I’ve spent the day on the phone and AT&T has been great but can’t do anything to even get tech support as the partner of Yahoo they only have access to the one Yahoo phone number that disconnects customers after waiting in line. In the end I’m going to end up with four internet services. That’s like having four electricians, four plumbers and in the end, four husbands. I think the latter is illegal.

My husband couldn’t even untangle this debacle last night and he’s a pro. ATT and Yahoo have merged services but they apparently don’t talk to each other. Hours online and on the phone and nothing has been resolved.

I do not have access to the pop mail or Yahoo mail I’ve had for years, my husband is on the same pop mail account and his is fine. He’s far away and I need my email pop account reactivated because being away is one thing, being unable to send information my husband needs is another. Was I hacked?

With the limited time we spend on the phone I wanted to sing him a song when he calls later tonight. It’s about love and commitment and I even took out the guitar and looked up the lyrics. I’ve played it badly twice and my fingers already hurt, lack of practice. Sorry PDX! Wish us well, as I do you, Dee


3 responses to “A Song

  1. What’s the song?
    I played with a friend on Sunday, and it was just enough. My fingers hurt just the right amount. We were trying to figure out the chords for a song we wrote at Ladies Rock Camp last November. We had a keyboardist then, and I think the verses are in some weird minor key that I don’t play on the guitar. But the chorus is in D!

  2. John Denver’s For Baby, I’ll walk in the rain by your side…. Thought it might be nice for a re-commitment ceremony because we eloped. Glad the chorus is in D!

  3. PDX, I was advised by a pro to take the action down to make it easier for my small stubby fingers to be able to work the guitar. I’ll look for a shop here. I should have done it in Houston because I had a shop all the rockers went to and there was a month wait and I was taking lessons at the time and couldn’t lose my guitar for that long back then. Age, wisdom. Arthritis. Guitar may actually help.

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