Wheat Grass

Years ago I tried an experiment to see what I could not eat. I went vegan for a few months and learned that I was allergic to tomato and pepper skins.

During that time I decided my cats should be healthier as well. I bought one wheatgrass plant in a 4″ container and they chewed on it all the time. I couldn’t eat or drink the stuff.

As the cats liked it I started growing it from seed every ten days. Then I placed a container outside my door. Days later all the dogs and cats in the neighborhood were coming to see me.

Pet owners asked me to stop, because their dogs were going potty all over the place because it is purging. Refuge of dogs with cheap food and bad diets. My past/passed dog never took to the raw stuff but the cats chewed on it from time to time and had no issues.

I’ve read that our DNA is very close to wheat. And bovines. Humans eat cereal and milk for breakfast. Was that just a Kellogg marketing ploy back in the day?

The downside is that I do not believe wheat has “feelings” dairy cows do when they can’t produce anymore as that’s called hamburger.

Years later I must cook meat and potatoes and vegetables for my husband, it could even be chicken but he’s allergic to fish. When he’s on a business trip I’ll start making fish, move to frozen pizza and then to yogurt and fruit.Then I await his return so I can start cooking again! Cheers, Dee


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