Human Beings

Today I received the most extraordinary compliment. We have security guards downstairs at night and the head guard, after Zoe did her two-second business, talked about how smart she was and asked me to get the game to show the other guard.

I left her with him and ran upstairs to get Zanie’s pizza puzzle. She’s had it for a few months, plays it perhaps once a week and has gone from four minutes to 45 seconds to remove six wooden pegs and three wooden sliders to get a treat underneath. The new guard placed it on the carpet for her to tackle. A couple had just received a gate to keep their dog in their bathroom and they stayed to watch. Zoe also turned around several times and rolled over twice. She was in her element and is sleeping by me now.

The head guy talked about my dear husband and how smart he is and how he looks up to him. Apparently both he and Zoe are smart. But then I got the best compliment, even though I’m smart in a different way from hubby and dog.

Head guy D said I was the first person here to ever say hello and treat him like a human being. As far as I’m concerned we’re all born, live and die. Some have told me to treat people who make less money than us like trash. I disagree. I treat all people well and hopefully I’ll be treated well in return. Trust until that trust is broken by ill will or cheating or lying.

D told me and his cohort I was a nice lady, and that also my chili is very good. Apparently many residents do not treat the staff with respect. I do. I even went out to trim the community herb garden before an event today. It’s looking great (my idea) and I only had to snip a few flowers from the oregano to keep it from bolting too soon as winter is on its snowy and icy way.

Always, thanks for reading and contributing. I’ve “met” some good friends here on the blog and introduced some to each other. Yes, I am smart as well. Dee



One response to “Human Beings

  1. We left the “game” with a hyper little pup to see what she could do with it for a couple of days, with an extra packet of treats. I do think it calms our Zoe because she just gets bored and the treats are teeny but doing the game is a brain exercise that helps her be happy, and we always want that. D

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