In the Doghouse

My husband came to visit from a new job far away, for thirty hours during Labor Day weekend. Our dog Zoe would have nothing to do with him as he’d been gone a few weeks. He got in at 1 a.m. so it took until morning (Zoe wants her beauty sleep) but the “fun guy” was back playing ball with her and she was happy.

The other night I got a nosebleed and had to take apart, wash and put back every piece of bedding after waiting overnight for sheets and everything to dry. I got out two soft blankets and placed them on the L-shaped sofa and that’s where Zoe and I slept. She was not pleased with me all night for that, jumping up and down and clicking on the wood floors, until I took her out early this morning and fed her then put the bed back together after everything was dry. She’s happy now.

She only squeaks the ball when I get it down for her. She fetches it for my husband, and squeaks. It is an indestructible toy he “invented” and her first lasted ten years until the materials finally deteriorated due to age. That’s pretty good for a dog who can eviscerate a stuffed animal or tennis ball in 60 seconds.

Years ago when my youngest sister was 1-2, Dad went away every Tuesday for meetings across the state and returned Thursday night. She would cry when he returned as if she did not remember him, then hug him before he left. As a young girl I was somewhat responsible for her care and it bothered me because I knew the days and that he’d return. She was too young to know that.

Dogs remember things and people as well. My first dog always remembered people in uniform because her deputy sheriff owner would beat her. She was also afraid of children because she was left out in the sheriff’s yard and neighborhood kids threw rocks at her. That all changed when she came home with me. I’d like to think that living indoors in a good home with daily training and trust allowed her to let her the past be the past. She certainly showed it in our neighborhood and they loved her for it, military, children, dogs and their owners. Cheers! Dee


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