I had several favorite classes in college and some ridiculous ones, as in when we were learning required philosophy classes and were told not to think, only spout out what the priest said. Philosophy without thinking. I knew it was bad at age 18 but didn’t want to have to take it again so aced it.

My favorites were Art History 1 and 2, Renaissance and Reformation, and Marriage and Family. The first three were taught by a favorite priest, long gone, Fr. John. The last is by my favorite professor, Fr. C.

Propinquity is nearness, it means marrying the kid next door or two blocks away. But they had to use the word to make it sound serious and meaningful. I asked “why can’t you just say nearness?” That’s how I met my husband 13 years ago. We lived a mile apart and met at a restaurant by chance at lunch. He called the next day, took my hand and so far has never let go. And all of a sudden I cherished the term propinquity.

Marriage and Family was taught by my chosen adviser, and it also included a campus favorite, The Barbie Lecture. Fr. C talked about the measurements of the doll vs. real women. She would be 7′ 4″ tall, etc. The class was about not seeing just the body, but the person. My mother and I were never close but she never let my younger sister or me to have a Barbie doll. We read and went to the library instead, and watched Walter Cronkite at dinner and Jacques Cousteau when we didn’t want to go to bed.

Maybe sometime I’ll tell you about a night class on deviant behavior. But you have to be really good in the meantime…… Cheers, Dee


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