I’ve not worn a skirt for a while but would like to do so a bit after our 12th wedding anniversary. I think I’ve got the skirt and will get a spare, know I have the blouse. The spring cowgirl hat is in the closet. All I need is for someone to make me some real boots that will last a lifetime.

All the songs are down. Country most of the way, laid back, casual. We’ll work it out. My husband knew my plan right away. I want Nanny and my father to be there because we eloped nearly 12 years ago. Of course his parents and family.

I’m hoping for a very short ceremony, outdoors, with music and favorite foods. Nanny is the grandmother of the groom (adopted the bride) and would be escorted by S and a great grand, Jim’s parents walk him in, my father walks me in. I’d love to do it all country with a Ferragamo scarf. I digress.

Then we get M and others’ great food and iced tea. No drinking or dancing allowed but we’ll have music and good food. I know who we’ll get to stand up for us. It could be fun! Of course we’ll hear some Jerry Jeff Walker, Johnny Cash, Juni Fisher, CSNY, PPM, and of course Dylan and Baez, sadly none present. This event should have happened on our 10th, but this is my wish. Dee


2 responses to “Renewal

  1. Sounds like a great idea. Do it soon, while your family is still able to participate! And boots. Must wear boots. (You know I love them.)

    • Thanks,gal! Because of my foot size I do have to have handmade boots to probably a boy’s 4 1/2. Nothing fancy. I did find a denim skirt the other day that I liked but it’s from a company my husband used to work for and I haven’t bought from them since they laid him off along with 30% of IT. We’ll see. Sometimes it’s not good to hold a grudge forever.

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