Queen Kate Middleton Windsor Cambridge

Congratulations. Are we repeating the heir and the spare? Now that it can be a girl we’ve no worries, at least from across the pond. Elizabeth the First can finally rest.

We all have our own lives to lead, our own issues which since dot-bomb no-one has dealt with. To see one castle give out the news while another houses the family with a doctor to supervise morning sickness actually sickens me because no-one here is the heir of the wealthiest woman in the world with round-the-clock care of infants and embryos, cooking, cleaning, all the statuary and paintings are dusted every day and the sofas, carpets and chairs vacuumed.

Most of us don’t have that. Being pregnant may not be a good thing at age 15 with no education and a life that may be doomed to failure. To swoon over a royal baby-to-be may allow people to hope for their own families. It does not allow them to do so knowing that the cost is about $25o,000 to age 18. That doesn’t include college. It does not include their coming back home after college and setting up house in your basement because they can’t find a job.

Congratulations to the royal family, to the loyal families and others. Dee


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