You did OK

That’s one phrase I always wanted to hear, from any of my childhood or adult pursuits. Dad was wishing it but never there. Mom never thought to think or say it.

I put my handprint in clay! I got 100+ (why didn’t you get 100 ++)! I turned to teachers, aunts of course, friends and their families. In college there were priests (never a wayward moment for them), for education and trying to learn enough to make a difference.

Then business. The awful things people say about priests today I never knew until I met legislators after college. It was all I could do to keep my skirt down in an elevator, but I did do so. Wearing opaque tights helped my defense.

Still, no-one ever said, you did OK. Now I have three-day Thanksgiving cook-fests and sometimes my mother-in-law and I rarely speak, just dance around in time making our dishes. She’s OK, and I know she knows I’m OK because she lets me use the oven. No, really she accepted me as her daughter-in-law and that’s OK for me. Did I say three days? I mean it. And this is Texas the land of sweet tea and many desserts.

And the day after I met my father-in-law for the first time he took my husband out of the truck and said “When are you gonna ask her, son? It’s OK with me.” His mother took four more days to say OK but we cook every year even though she moves the kitchen stuff around on me and I have to break the dance and ask where’s the peeler?

There’s nothing like family. Mom’s gone now. Dad’s still never around and we’ve not seen him in two years. Sisters, one may be trying for a reunion after six years.

I was a coach and a consultant and volunteer and the first thing I did was train then reward with compliments. I’m an “Atta Girl” gal and look to reward whenever I can. Corrections are necessary but need not be harsh, only fair and unemotional, on point. With extra training and more compliments.

Atta girls and guys, right here. Keep cooking and make your family proud. Dee



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