It was an homage to a calzone I loved at a favorite local restaurant where I usually ordered the portobello mushroom burger. Unfortunately if I turn my oven on above 375 degrees the smoke alarm goes off. It’s a clean oven, it’s just that the darned alarm is five feet away.

Pizza, when my husband is home, is a weekly thing. Friday night is pizza night. I make dough with Italian OO flour and everything. As our dog Zoe would say, “it’s routine.” Yes, she’s a herder. So I decided to try a calzone.

Everything stayed together as I used an egg wash for the seal, a fork to mash the dough down and egg wash on top. The dough was fully cooked, crispy on the outside and soft inside. I’d hoped for crispy throughout but couldn’t get the oven high enough without annoying my neighbors with smoke alarms and fire trucks.

The innards were tasty. I started with two slices of proscuitto, one on each soon-to-be interior, a handful of raw arugula, two cloves of roasted garlic, a shaving of fresh mozzarella, a few crumbs of feta then closed them up and baked for about 15 minutes at 400. Yes, it’s over the temperature limit but the egg wash on the edges on top and on the edges inside kept mayhem to a minimum.

I did enlist one guinea pig to try it and got a thumbs up. Next time I’ll have my mise en place and perhaps use less yeast and get a really thin crust. I may even cook them on the “off” side of our grill. I want it puffy and really crisp. Whatever I put inside it will be tasty. I want to add artichoke hearts next time. Dee




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