Of course it must start with parents:

Mom, for manners and being proper at all times;

Dad, for letting me know I could be anything I want to be;

My ersatz brother and in-laws for always being there for us;

My blood brother for having his ear to the ground;

Owee, for letting me into other cultures and telling me it’s OK to be anything;

Anna, for instilling belief in myself while hanging on to that taxi medallion;

Mr. B for teaching me math way above my age;

Mrs. Smith for allowing me and S to read two years above grade level;

The Diary of Anne Frank and Death Be Not Proud for helping me to age beyond eight;

My neighbors for putting snakes down our backs as well as cherry bombs, because they did really like us, plus we liked making the zip line and hanging out in the Isetta’s. cool;

Of course AL and J for love, always, plus food;

Ralph, Kevin and Jerry forever;

My violin, guitar and voice and dance teachers all, sorry I failed you Mrs. H.

Colleagues throughout my work life including legislation, lobbying and consulting;

All my coaches;

Shorty, who is gone now but made me believe;

Our dear friend P who took care of our dog for a few months while we were overseas and is an inspired nurse-practitioner who will be a friend for life;

As to cooking, ask Ms. Peggy, as to life ask the people I was introduced to on my 40th birthday culinary extravaganza. The baker sings a cappella. I could tell you the town. but…..,

My sisters. That’s complicated and we’re not in touch but I dream of them all the time, with Mom.

That’s how it goes. Beginning to end. Family. I don’t expect them to be with me. That’s just the way it is. I do love discovering long lost mentors, however. They have shaped my life. Dee





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