We expand as we need, up to nearly 1250 sf. Yes we’ve a second bedroom, the study. We bought an expensive futon to serve as a sofa and guest bedroom. The rest is the office.

Now I go in there to hydrate my guitar, get balloons for my husband to entertain local kids (yes, a software geek and balloon twister) and work the blinds for sun management.

Our dog is smarter, however. She has decided the 2nd bathroom is hers already, so has now claimed our “study,” using the carpet to wipe her face after meals and the futon to dry herself after a bath. Ten years ago I said “Adopt from the local shelter, pay $75 and rack the rest up in vet bills.” Luckily she’s been healthy since her two hip removals as a pup, and everyone in the neighborhood knows her and wants to pet her because she’s so kind and soft.

I don’t think we’ll go down as the only couple in history who gave up their guest bedroom and bath for their dog, but she sleeps on and under our bed so she’s taken the Master as well! Brava, Zoe. Happy Labor Day, we had great aged steaks last night and husband gets half of mine as steak and eggs this morning…. Dee


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