Leaps of Faith

My husband came back to me after five weeks away at a new job across the country. Things have been a bit rocky over the phone so I asked if he was coming to seek a divorce.

That’s not in the plan. He’s been resting and the dog was mad at him but likes him again. Of course I do as well. As he’s across the country for a weekend and we’re trying to make it his time (I’m hungry) we’ve a plan to stay mainly on this time until things change.

I’m up at 4:00 and it’s 2:00 his time. He and the dog are sleeping soundly. I came out of our bedroom quietly and saw the last half of Lasse Hallstrom’s film Salmon Fishing in the Yemen for probably the third time and saw even more in it.

If you see it, you will see many leaps of faith. I’ve only a few films I’d own and this is one. This is how I met my husband right after 9/11. It then comes down to jobs and how we even adopted our dog who is with us over ten years later. Leaps of faith. I go with my heart, head and gut and know what to do.

There are no car chases or tanks or bombs in this film but if you see it as it is, there is faith in many areas and in order to earn self-acceptance one must take a chance. Cheers and happy Labor Day! Dee



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