My husband has been away with work for a few weeks so I’m not cooking as much and have a chance, when I’m well enough and take out the dog at least 4X per day, to catch up on local chatter.

Three days ago my good friend, Jake, passed. Yes, he’s a dog. I took good care of him until about a month ago, never charged a cent. He was a great dog and we always loved having him around. Sometimes people don’t do neighborly things, especially in a tower mid-city. I think I got to say goodbye when there was a 24/7 support system available and our final run-in on the sidewalk a couple of weeks ago. He always strained against the leash to see his Aunt Dee.

I ran into a doctor this evening who is moving out of the best place here and told me I was the nicest person she’s met here. To me that is a sad thing as we really only talked in the lobby or elevator. She gave me her phone number and said she’d find me a doctor.

Being nice has ramifations. In high school, you can’t be part of the clique. I never was, and was open for diversity in color, religion, and sexual orientation. I put those thougts to work writing laws for 34 million people and can only hope I did a good job doing so. In 1984 my subject was privacy and that bill I wrote was my baby and I even created a privacy task force to take in banking, insurance, health care and everything. We were the P Team and we anticipated what happened years later.

Here, I’ve had problems and have dealt with them, as in crosswalks because everyone speeds, a crosswaik is merely a hint although it is a state issue. We are also currently in the highest racially divided city in the US and that bothers me but tomorrow is another day.

Nice is an over-used and not appreciated term. Today, I consider it an honor. Cheers! Dee




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