Good Will

For all of the differences between my husband and me, whether it be science and math vs. social sciences and art, we love each other. We also know that good will is a tenet to any relationship. We’re on point there.

We always extend good will until the point that we can not do so anymore. Sometimes it is not extended in return and we must back off the relationship.

In the HRC Church the Sacraments include baptism, atoning for one’s sins, communion, confirmation, marriage, priesthood (optional), and last rites. Well, I never made confirmation because our churches changed rites every year and I missed both because we moved. I am not a priest because I’m female. Luckily neither of us has needed last rites but I have been through that ceremony with my mother nearly six years ago. It was a good experience. My husband actually told Mom “I’ll take care of her.”

With thousands of hours of volunteering and taking care of animals (St. Francis) and my family I’d think our good will would go a long way. We trust in others until they betray us.

People don’t trust people any more. I live in a town where no-one wants to get a new friend because they have their own from high school. Luckily everyone in our neighborhood loves our dog and knows her name and sometimes gives treats. I’m used to living where no-one locked their car or door. Yeah, I was a kid but why has everything changed?

Trust, good will. Help the confused lady get home. Find the lost dog. I don’t know if God has an account balance but as you age and become more wise, you may try to do well for others as well as yourself. Dee



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