I believe that in order to teach, one has to learn every day. The doctor may say an apple a day, I say an idea a day.

Yesterday I came up with an amazing concept for my husband. He’s not sold on it yet but give it some time to percolate.

As to teaching and learning, I never had a grandmother. I really never had a mother, RIP. My husband’s grandmother adopted me 13 years ago and I was way over the date for adoption. She is in hospital now and still as sassy a TX gal can be. She’ll joke with the nurses but make sure her hairdresser comes before she ever has a visitor. I know you, Nanny, and love you to sweet tea in the garden!

Teaching is not only in the school room. My husband has a degree in physics and it started with his Nanny reading A-Z through the dictionary, after school. He made her a crude wooden center for papers and pens. Then he he created a micro-switch for the grain bin and was sent a letter from a place called MIT. He didn’t know what that stood for so kept up in AP classes and milked cows and got a degree in Physics.

Learning doesn’t always come from the classroom. It comes from the people you meet. It makes sense when knowledge turns to wisdom. I always try to learn something from the people I interact with every day. Some folks I turn around, because of wisdom. Some I learn from, every day.

I bought our dog an educational toy a couple of months ago and she can now do it in 45 seconds. We’re all growing and learning, every day. Dee



One response to “Classroom

  1. Nanny read from the Encyclopedia, sorry for the error. Bless her from going from A-Z.

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