That was against my religion, at least the one I was brought up in. My sister said it best when declining the 52 envelopes for contributions, telling Sister we went to the church down the street.

I ended up going to a Franciscan college not knowing so, but am better for it as I had two great profs, both priests, one dead and another dying who wants me to fly in to have lunch.

In the end I’ve no love for the Church, only those in it. The HRC Church told me not to think. That was against MY religion. Just follow and Jesus will show you the way. I’m not a follower of those who tell me I’m not smart, cannot have any influence in the Church in which I was baptised and am told not to think for myself.

God, I do not believe in organized religion. I’ve had enough time on earth to know you are here and that I do other things besides church to know that I care for others. For a priest in philosophy to say don’t think, just repeat my answers was the first step in my journey and it has been a long and bumpy ride.

Today I believe in redemption, being an honest and good person and in serving people and animals (Franciscan). Let us hope that is enough for me an my small family, Dee

p.s. Yesterday James Garner died. God rest his soul. Years ago I knew his daughter Gigi from a small park on the left coast. She’s done well and her father will be remembered from Maverick to Rockford to Tank in Space Cowboys, thanks for the memories. Perhaps someday I’ll tell the Space Cowboys story from his daughter…….. d





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