It is something I’ve believed in my entire life. I thought the founding fathers trusted each other and the people and the fact that we could become a nation.

I will always believe (unless the story is ridiculous) before I am betrayed. Let’s just say I won’t give in to the Nigerian Spam Scam Scam, a wonderful two-person play but playwright Dean Cameron hit the mark on this one. A charity should send old, lonely folks waiting for the phone to ring to see this. With other old, lonely folks so they can laugh and get together for coffee and become friends who no longer wait for the phone to ring.

As one gets older and hopefully wiser, politicians are just guys asking for a paycheck and health insurance for life. I could have gone that route but chose not to do so.

Everyone is in sales, whether you’re a lawyer, plumber, doctor or CEO. Yet our elected officials sometimes get lower trust ratings than used car salesmen.

We have abandoned trust. We think my family only wants my money, my lawyer only wants the fee on the settlement. My assistant will be let go for incompetence and she’ll sue me for harassment.

High rise buildings, neighbors hear your key in the lock and close the elevator door anyway. Dog owners who pick up their 15 lb dog because they think my 30 lb dog will kill it. Perhaps sniff the dog’s butt and nose, nothing more, tails wagging all the time would work a lot better.

Faith. I have faith that people are good. Some of that is instilled by my parents but some is pure instinct. It helps to try to sort out a good situation from a bad one and act accordingly.

My husband sleeps soundly. So soundly he and the dog slept through a Cat. 5 hurricane for ten hours. If I had to take out the dog in the middle of the night if she was ill, he wants me to be safe because sure as heck he’s not going to wake up. The dog slept through a storm I watched last night right by windows. As long as I stayed on the bed, she was safe and could sleep. That is trust. Dee


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