Years ago we had levered front doors and our dog Zoe got out of a neighbors’ place who was taking care of her and ran across the street. She also got out in her hallway and went door to door seeking treats.

One day I took in another dog, Kat, and we had two locks on our doors, one for inside/outside and an upper lock only accessible from the inside. After I took out Zoe and Kat, twice Zoe’s size, I turned the key and took the Hurricane Katrina rescue dog next door out for a quick walk.

When I returned, I was locked out. Really locked out. Kat had turned the upper lock from the inside. It took maintenance three hours to drill through the door while I took lock measurements from the dog next door. Everything was OK.

Today I offered to help a woman, who left as soon as she made the request, get a dog running loose in her hallway. Management knew I did so. It took 20 minutes sitting down with eyes averted to calm down the dog and get her to trust me. I took her home via her nice collar and put our Zoe’s collar and leash on her.

I stopped by the front desk and left the dog’s collar with ID et al and took her out. When I got back staff was researching her and she jumped up on the couch and then laid in my lap. Then I was told I couldn’t take her upstairs because of “liability issues.” Too many kind folks had stopped by the lobby to see her and she started trembling again. Forget liability issues. I’ve a job to do.

My dog knows to maneuver levered doors, ones that have the only lock available. She is old and chooses not to do so. She is a herder and never wants to be away from her pack. Not so this what I’d like to call Catahoula mix can do, or Kat. When a levered door automatically springs the lock it’s time for another lock.

I saved a dog today and everyone is angry at me for doing so. I don’t care. I’ve worked with shelter animals and feral cats for over 20 years and did nothing wrong, just helped a dog get back to her family. That’s part of my job. I called her “Sweetheart” and she was sweet but I love my rescued hip-less wonder dog Zoe the best and am always glad to help out. Dee


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