Taste Memories II

I was in error, the first Gourmet dish was a cheese souffle with a salad. Then Dad said it was great, now what’s for dinner?

One special item we got five times a year (not six as Mom would not make it for her birthday) was Viennese Chocolate Pecan Torte. It included three thin amazing pecan layers with a milk chocolate filling then a dark chocolate glaze atop. I can taste it now. It was the birthday wish dish.

AL&J, my aunts, were proper English teachers who started with Romeo and Juliet and ended up with the first Holocaust curriculum, followed by a Native American curriculum before they retired. God bless them for having a dictionary in the loo where in less than a minute I had to come out with a word, spell it, define it and state how it would be used in a sentence.

They also learned how to cook, ironically mostly southern cuisine. The mantra is taste, then we’ll tell you the ingredients. They expanded my palate. I learned to eat things I thought I hated, like blue cheese, and loved them. They made me want to learn more, and not from the dictionary.

Growing up, becoming a cook or chef was not in the rule book. College, marriage or perhaps maybe a career. I chose career, after college. AL&J taught me to taste and that led to new ventures.

More later, Dee

ps Did I ever talk with you about the EZ Bake Oven pretzel debacle?


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