Taste Memories

I’ve a job to do. Let’s just say it’s on a two week trial basis. I’d like to come up with my childhood favorites and create some new ones for our family.

My mother grew up not cooking and was taught my father’s German recipes by his mother after they were married. The signature dish was rouladen, a roll of beef stuffed with carrot and onion. I hated it. The beef was always tough.

After Grandma died (I was one year old) Mom turned to Good Housekeeping. If I did like something I’d substitute fresh ingredients and make my own spin on it, like the Chicken Saltimbocca on this blog.

Years later a dear friend, J, subscribed Mom perpetually to Gourmet Magazine and her intelligence and willingness to cook for her family and guests blossomed.

I believe her first dish was a Quiche Lorraine with a salad for which she made her first vinaigrette. We all ate it and loved it, then Dad asked what was for dinner! Whoopsie.

Mom’s french fries were wonderful and she didn’t even use the double-fry method. I loved her orange chicken but have made my own version. Dad always made great pancakes on Sundays with a bit of bacon or sausage. It was cereal during the week.

The piece de resistance is when Mom went from turkey (again, we just finished the last of the soup yesterday) to prime rib with roasted potatoes, veg and Yorkshire pudding for Christmas.

The desserts, with which my sisters collaborated (I was veg and sides) were sublime. Mincemeat tarts, lemon bars, Scandinavians, tri-level brownies, apple shortbreads et al. Plus lebkuchen sent from Switzerland, but that was sent in September and it took us kids until late January to post thank you-notes until we could open the box.

More later, Dee


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