It’s been a difficult few weeks. I’ve been ill, my husband has been away for longer than ever, and the dog, while I am keeping to her schedule, has been sick but is OK even though she sleeps by the door either waiting for him to come home or to keep me from leaving too.

But I’ve a job to do and a two week trial period.

This is what I’d like to do if I had all the time and money in the world:

Make a perfect Simca Beck cassoulet for my father;

make a sublime beef bourgionon for my husband a la Julia Child;

give my aunts a smoker and make some killer ribs and brisket together;

help my in-laws finish their new place and finally get the recipe for M’s potato rolls.

find my mother’s Viennese Chocolate Pecan Torte recipe and share it with my siblings;

have every copy of James Beard’s Theory and Practice of Good Cooking, because I love his method and think most cooking instructors are frauds, of course you know I give TPGC as wedding gifts and they’re out of print; and

know that I stopped this blog at 1,000 posts and now have over 2,000 and I need to keep cooking. Tonight as J is away I get to make a vegetarian pizza.

Dough is 1.5 c Italian 00 flour with 1/2 cup warm water, you know the drill. It’s on the blog. I’m going to roast some garlic and saute some spinach and add a bit of goat cheese and artichoke hearts. There’s no guy here so no need for pepperoni on the pizza! I’m eating fish and veg. Cheers, Dee



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